Top Ten Reasons to Choose EMAC as Your Embedded Systems Provider (ESP)

  1. EMAC OEM products are designed and manufactured at our facility in the United States.
  2. EMAC provides both x86 and RISC/ARM based products & peripherals.
  3. EMAC can provide off-the-shelf, custom and semi custom Single Board Computers (SBCs), Panel-PCs (PPCs), System on Modules (SoMs) and Carrier boards as well as software for a Turn-Key solution.
  4. EMAC can provide Linux, Real Time Linux, Android and Embedded Windows Operating Systems and in-house support of these OS's.
  5. EMAC offers Hardware & Software Engineering design services and manufacturing of these custom designs.
  6. EMAC'S regular pricing includes integration and testing, including peripherals (chassis, PC/104 modules, RAM, flash, LCDs, etc) for each system.
  7. EMAC offers Enhanced Technical Support and Training.
  8. In addition to engineering and manufacturing our own products; EMAC also distributes (as an authorized distributor) embedded products from industry leading suppliers
  9. EMAC was established in 1985 with a focus on quality, technology and customer service.
  10. EMAC is a proven leader in embedded Equipment Monitor and Control applications.