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  • PC/104 Module with Dimensions of 96 mm x 90 mm (3.77" x 3.54")
  • Intelligent Data Acquisition I/O module with on-board 16 bit processor (68HCS12)
  • 1 RS-232 serial port with handshake
  • 1 RS-232/485 serial port
  • 16 channels of 10 bit A/D 0 - 5 Volt
  • 8 optically coupled high-drive digital outputs
  • 8 optically coupled digital inputs
  • 8 multipurpose I/O lines (GP/Counters/PWM)
  • 8 general purpose digital I/O lines
  • Character LCD interface with backlight support
  • 24 key, Keypad Interface
  • Status LED


The PCM-37E12 is a powerful Data Acquisition and Control I/O PC/104 module based on the Motorola 68HCS12 processor. Although being extremely powerful with ample I/O for demanding applications, this board consumes minimal power, is low cost, and has a small footprint. The PCM-37E12 uses the Standard PC/104 form factor (3.8" x 3.5") allowing the it to interface to any Single Board Computer that provides PC/104 connectivity.

Also available is an optional Screw Terminal board for the PCM-37E12 that is stackable, providing numerous I/O points with screw termination, in a very small package. Two Screw Terminal boards are required to accommodate all of the PCM-37E12 I/O.

The 68HCS12 coprocessor unit utilized on the PCM-37E12 is a 16-bit device composed of standard on-chip peripherals consisting of two asynchronous serial communications interfaces (SCI), an 8-channel IC/OC enhanced capture timer, two 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC), an 8-channel pulse-width modulator (PWM), 29 discrete digital I/O channels, 16 discrete digital I/O lines with interrupt capability, and CAN 2.0 A, B software compatible modules.

EMAC integrated this powerful 16 bit processor onto a board which contains 32 digital I/O lines, 24 A/D inputs, 4 D/A outputs, 2 serial ports, CAN port, keypad interface, and an LCD interface. This is a do-it-all Data Acquisition module which could comprise up to 4 competitors PC/104 modules to duplicate the PCM-37E12's I/O capability.


  • ANALOG: Analog I/O Upgrade Includes:
    • 8 additional channels of 12 bit A/D, 0 - 5 Volts or 4 to 20 ma. input provision.
    • 4 additional channels of 12 bit D/A, 0 - 5 Volts.
  • CAN: An Optically Isolated CAN 2.0 A, B Port.
  • TERMINAL BOARD: Screw Terminal Board allows for easy access to PCM-37E12 I/O. Requires two Screw Terminal Boards to accommodate all of the PCM-37E12's I/O. Up to two Terminal Boards can be stacked onto a single PCM-37E12.
  • VOLTAGE REQUIREMENTS: 5 Volt DC board input Voltage
  • CURRENT REQUIREMENTS: 150 ma. @ 5 Volts Typical
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0 - 70 degrees Centigrade, humidity range without condensation 0% to 90% RH.
  • DIGITAL I/O: 8 programmable General Purpose TTL level I/O lines with an output drive capability of 10 ma. 8 Multipurpose TTL level I/O lines with an output drive capability of 10 ma. and a maximum total I/O drive of 50 ma. for these 16 lines. These lines can also be configured as Counters inputs and PWM outputs. 8 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and 8 Optically Isolated open collector High-Drive Digital outputs with 500 ma. sink drive capability with a maximum total I/O drive of 1500 ma. for these 8 lines. All Digital I/O lines terminate to standard 50 pin, I/O Rack compatible header connectors.
  • ANALOG INPUTS: 8 analog inputs are multiplexed into a two 10-bit A/D converters with Sample & Hold for a total of 16 channels with a conversion time of 10 usec. The analog input Voltage range for each channel is 0 - 5 Volts. An optional 12-bit, 8 channel A/D is available bringing the analog input total to 24 channels.
  • ANALOG OUTPUTS: Optional 4 channel, 12-bit resolution D/A converter with each channel accepting an analog output Voltage range of 0 - 5 Volts with a drive capability of 5 ma.


(Single Unit Pricing. Includes: Integration, Setup,Testing, & Enhanced Support)

Product # Description Price
PCM-37E12-000 STD. A/D, Digital I/O Module Call
PCM-37E12-001 STD. Module W/ CAN Call
PCM-37E12-010 STD. Module W/ 12-BIT A/D Call
PCM-37E12-011 STD. Module W/ 12-BIT A/D, CAN Call
PCM-37E12-030 STD. Module W/ 12-BIT A/D, D/A $299.00
PCM-37E12-B EMAC can build the PCM-37E12 with any option mix you require. Build-To-Order can offer a significant cost savings when only a certain subset of options are needed! Call