Embedded Chassis

Most systems requrie a chassis of some form, yet not all applications require a fully custom enclosure. While EMAC can be contracted to design custom enclosure or work to customize an enclosure for any system's needs. These Chassis options are available off-the-shelf to house and add protection to most PC/104, Half-EBX, EBX, and other Single Board Computers. Some Chassis options provide room for module expansion, can provide features such as anti-vibration or cooling and interface with offered power supplies or come with their own.

Chassis options for SBC Boards
PER-ENC-00007 Chassis for SOM-150ES Carrier (4.5" x 6.5") Boards
Half-EBX Chassis for most 3.5" SBC "Half-EBX" (4.0" x 5.75") Boards
FlexTainer Chassis for ITX and EPIC Boards
VersaTainer Rugged Chassis for PC/104 or EBX Boards
EBPC-5250 Chassis for PCM-95xx Series EBX (8.0" x 5.75") Boards
ACK-A001E ACK-A001E is a 3.5" SBC chassis that supports front & rear I/O interfaces.
EPC-C300 EPC-C300 is a 3.5" SBC chassis that supports the PCM-9310, MIO-5250, MIO-5251, MIO-5272
EPC-X200 EPC-X200 is a 3.5" SBC chassis that supports the PCM-9376 front & rear I/O interfaces.
MBPC-641 MicroBox Chassis w/ 60w P/S & 4-Slot PCI or ISA Backplane
IPC-6806SP5 MicroBox Chassis w/ 100/150w P/S & 5/6-Slot PCI or ISA Backplane
PC/104 Chassis
Can-Tainer pc/104 Can-Tainer™ with optional cap