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Adobe PDF Document iPac 9302 Manual

EMAC has created the iPac-9302, an inexpensive, feature packed embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the Cirrus EP9302 processor. This ARM9 based board has features, similar to our other Microcontrollers, A/D, PWM, Digital I/O, Serial, USB, and Ethernet. The iPac-9302 is a web enabled microcontroller device offering the ability to run an embedded server to display it’s current monitored or logged data. This web connection can be via standard wired 802.3u 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet or 802.11 wireless wifi networking with the proper linux modules and adapters. This Microcontroller has all connectors brought out as headers on a board that is same footprint of a standard PC/104 module at 3.77" x 3.54". While slightly larger than our SoM Microcontroller offerings, this Industrial Strength SBC is perfectly suited for just about any Embedded Data Acquisition and Control application.

Also available is an optional Screw Terminal board for the iPac (shown above) that is stackable, providing numerous I/O points with screw termination, in a very small package. Two Screw Terminal boards are required to accommodate all of the iPac I/O.

The resident flash on the iPac can be programmed via it's serial bootloader firmware over the RS232 com port or via it's JTAG port. Software can be written with Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework, Windows CE 6.0 or Linux (Open Embedded).

EMAC Inc. is working in conjunction with SJJ micro in order to provide a .NET Micro Framework Port for the iPac 9302. .NET Micro Framework (NMF) is a New platform developed by Microsoft to simplify Embedded Application design. NMF is fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio allowing the user to develop with familiar tools even when debugging code that is running on the target device. The .Net Micro Framework provides a managed code environment that brings a fantastic degree of efficiency and reliability to the realm of embedded software development. For more information on .NET Micro Framework go to: http://www.microsoft.com/netmf. To order a .NET Micro Framework Development Kit for the iPac 9302 go to: http://www.sjjmicro.com/NDK.html.

On the Linux side EMAC provides a Free Eclipse IDE that is pre-integrated to provide everything the user needs for developing iPac 9302 applications. All the compiling, converting debugging, and downloading inherent to iPac 9302 development can be done from one easy to use high level interface. The distribution provides an SDK for the EMAC iPac 9302 which contains source examples for the Ethernet, USB, Digital I/O ports, A/D, PWM, SPI, SD/MMC.

The EMAC Eclipse IDE is a powerful, yet flexible Integrated Development Environment for the iPac 9302 and even features SVN version control support. For more information of EMAC's Eclipse based Development Environment click here.

The iPac 9302 can use most of the EMAC's standard Linux Modules including the Modbus module. For a listing of these module see our Embedded Linux Operating Systems Page.

Just Write It and Run It!



  • Cirrus Logic EP9302 ARM9 200 Mhz Processor with 100 Mhz System Bus
  • MaverickCrunch Hardware Floating Point Math Engine
  • 1 RS232 Serial Port with handshake
  • 1 RS232/422/485 configurable Serial Port
  • 1 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • 2 USB 2.0 Host Ports (Full Speed)
  • 5 channels of 12 bit A/D (Ground to 3.3 V input)
  • Battery Backed Real Time clock/calendar
  • 48 Digital I/O lines on two 50 pin I/O rack compatible headers designated as follows:
    • 16 Processor 3.3V I/O lines configurable as Inputs or Outputs
    • 16 PLD 3.3V input lines (5V tolerant)
    • 8 PLD 3.3V output lines (25 ma. drive)
    • 8 PLD High Drive Open Collector output lines (500 ma. sink)
  • 9 Synchronous Serial I/O lines (SPI/AC97/I2S)
  • 3 PWM I/O lines (2 in PLD)
  • Reset Button and Status LED
  • 16 MB of External Flash
  • 16 MB of External SDRAM
  • 256K Bytes of EEPROM
  • MMC/SDHC hot-swap socket
  • Watchdog Timer
  • +5 Volt only input supply voltage
  • PC/104 Dimensions of 3.77" x 3.54"


Mechanical and Environmental

  • Dimensions: PC/104 Dimensions of 3.77" x 3.54"
  • Power Supply Voltage: +5.0 Volts DC +/- 5%
  • Power Requirements: Typical 5.0 Volts @ 450 mA.
  • Operating Temperature: 0~70° C (32~158° F), fanless operation
  • Operating Humidity: 0%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing




  • MEMORY: Up to 64 MB of On-Board Flash and up to 64 MB of SDRAM.
  • TERMINAL BOARD: Screw Terminal Board allows for easy access to iPac I/O. Requires two Screw Terminal Boards to accommodate all of the iPac's I/O. Up to two Screw Terminal Boards can be stacked onto a single iPac.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux 2.6, Windows CE 6.0.
  • 802.11 Wireless Wifi networking: using an additioanl USB wireless adapter, operating system modules and drivers.

PRICING (Single Unit Pricing. Includes: Integration, Setup,Testing, & Enhanced Support)

i302-01-01013 ... iPac 9302 iPac 9302 w/ 16MB Flash & RAM


i302-01-02013 ... iPac 9302 iPac 9302 w/ 32MB Flash & RAM


i302-01-03013 ... iPac 9302 iPac 9302 w/ 64MB Flash & RAM



SL013-AON-X0050 .. Embedded Linux standard ARM build


SC600-000-0010D .. Win CE 6.0 Standard Arm Build & License


.Net Micro framework .. contact www.sjjmicro.com



USD 5.00

CAB-35-003-1 .. 6' DB9 to DB9 Null Modem EXTENSION CABLE


PER-ADP-00020 . JTAG Adapter board


PCD-39E00-000 ... Screw Terminal Board



PER-PWR-00032 .. Wall Transformer 100-240v -  5V @ 2.5A


PER-PWR-00033 .. 5V @ 3.2A PS (100-220V @ 47-63 Hz International)


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