• Embedded TI ARM Cortex-A8, 600 MHz
  • Up to 512MB of DDR2 RAM, Up to 4GB eMMC
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • 2D/3D Accelerated Video w/ Resistive Touch
  • Optional -40 to +85 version (MOQ applies)

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The SoM-3517M is based on the TI ARM Cortex-A8 processor. This fanless ARM Cortex, 600 MHz SoM has an Ethernet PHY included along with 4 serial ports. It utilizes up to 512MB of external DDR2 RAM, UP to 1GB of NAND Flash, up to 4GB of eMMC Flash.


  • Small, 200-pin SODIMM form factor (2.66" x 2.375")
  • TI ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHZ Fanless processor 
  • Up to 512 MB of DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 1 GB of NAND Flash
  • UP to 4GB of eMMC Flash
  • Neon Vector Floating Point Unit
  • Processor Bus Expansion
  • 24-bit DSTN/TFT LCD Interface
  • 2D/3D Accelerated Video w/ Resistive Touch
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • 4 Serial Ports
  • 2 Full Speed USB 1.1/2.0 Host ports
  • 1 Full Speed USB OTG port
  • 2 I2C and 2 SPI ports
  • I2S Audio port
  • High-End CAN Controller CAN 2.0B Controller
  • Timer/Counters and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ports
  • 1 Channel, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter
  • On-module Temperature Sensor
  • Linux, Real Time Linux
  • Robust, Free Eclipse Development Tools


The SoM-3517M is based on the TI ARM Cortex-A8 processor. This fanless ARM Cortex, 600 MHz SoM has an Ethernet PHY included along with 4 serial ports. It utilizes up to 512MB of external DDR2 / SDRAM, 1GB of NAND Flash, up to 2GB of eMMC Flash, and includes an MMU which allows it to run Linux and WindowsCE Operating Systems. A SoM is a small embedded module that contains the core of a microprocessor system.

Using the same small 200 pin SODIMM form-factor utilized by other EMAC SoM modules, the SoM-3517M is the ideal processor engine for your next design. All of the ARM processor core is included on this tiny board including: Flash, Memory, Serial Ports, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, I2S Audio, CAN 2.0B, PWMs, Timer/Counters, A/D, digital I/O lines, video, Clock/Calendar, and more. The SoM-3517M additionally provides a math coprocessor, and 2D/3D accelerated video and image scaling/rotation.

The SoM-3517M is designed to plug into a carrier board that contains all the connectors and any custom I/O required for the application. This approach allows the customer or EMAC to design a Custom Carrier Board that meets the customer's I/O, dimensional, and connector requirements without having to worry about the processor, memory, and standard I/O functionality. With this System on Module approach, a semi-custom hardware platform can be developed in as little as a month.

In addition to the option of the developing a Carrier board, one can be purchased off-the-shelf from EMAC. EMAC provides off-the-shelf Carrier boards that feature A/D, D/A, MMC/SD card, keypad, LCD, Touchscreen, and Audio interfaces. The recommended off-the-shelf Carrier Board for the SoM-3517 is the SoM-250ES which allows the user to immediately start coding their application using the powerful Linux Operating Systems and Tools.

The System on Module approach provides the flexibility of a fully customized product at a greatly reduced cost. The SoM-3517M is ideal for any Web/Network, Data Acquisition and Control or User Interface application.

Data Sheets


Embedded TI ARM Cortex-A8 Neon Math Coprocessor
Clock Speed
600 MHz
256 MB
RAM Type
Primary Flash
2GB of eMMC
BIOS/ Bootloader
Resident Flash Bootloader (uboot with extensions)
Memory Misc.

Up to 4GB of eMMC option available (MOQ may apply)

Up to 512MB RAM

Primary IO
16x General Purpose I/O (additional GPIOs can be made available)
I2S Synchronous Serial Controllers with analog interface support
Video Out
LCD Video Interface with HD resolution up to 2048 x 2048 with 2D/3D acceleration
10/100 BaseT Ethernet
2x USB 1.1/2.0 Hosts, 1x USB 2.0 High Speed Host or Device (USB OTG) software configurable
Serial Ports
4x std serial ports, 2x I2C ports & 2x SPI ports with chip selects
Secondary IO
1x CAN 2.0B Port
2x High-Speed SPI ports with Chip Selects.
Timers/ Counters/ PWM
11x General Purpose Timers
12-bit TSC2004
Local ARM Cortex-A8 Multiplexed Bus accessible through SODIMM provides 10 address lines; 16 data lines; and control lines.
Operating Systems
EMAC OE Linux, Qt
SOM Type
Microcontroller SODIMM Modules

Mechanical and Environmental

2.66" ×2.375" (67mm × 60mm)
Power Requirements
3.3 V
Typical Voltage
3.3 V
Typical Current
470 mA
Max Boot Current
482 mA
Constant Busy Loop Current
485 mA
Idle Current
465 mA
Low Operating Temperature0 C (32 F)
High Operating Temperature70 C (158 F)
Upper Operating Humidity
Environmental Misc.
Optional -40 to +85 (Minimum Order Quantity Applies)


OEM / Quantity Pricing Available on Request - Less Services

(Single Unit Pricing. Includes: Integration, Setup,Testing, & Enhanced Support)

Product # Description Price
SoM-3517M-130 TI ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, 2GB eMMC FLASH, 256MB RAM (0 ~ +70C) $198.00

EMAC can build the SoM-3517 with any option mix you require. Build-To-Order can offer a significant cost savings when only a certain subset of options are needed! 25 piece minimum required.

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Carrier Board Options

Product #VariationPrice
SoM-200ES-000 Standard Carrier Board with CAN, LCD $245.00
SoM-200ES-001 Deluxe Carrier Board with Audio, CAN, LCD $295.00
SoM-200ES-007 Bare-Bones Carrier Board $145.00
SoM-210ES-000 Standard Carrier Board with LCD $175.00
SoM-210ES-007 Bare Bones Carrier Board without LCD $95.00
SoM-250ES-000 Standard Carrier Board with 7" LCD $399.00
SoM-250ES-007 Bare Bones Carrier Board $199.00
SoM-212ES-000 Standard Carrier Board with Touch Screen $200.00
SoM-212ES-003 Deluxe Carrier Board with Touch Screen, POE, and Stereo Audio $250.00
SoM-212ES-007 Bare Bones Carrier Board $150.00

Peripheral Options

Product # Description Price
Operating Systems
SL040-AON-00010 EMAC OE Linux 4.x for ARM Free
SC600-000-0010D Windows CE 6.0 Pro License SOLD ONLY WITH HARD DRIVE OR FLASH DRIVE MEDIA $25.00