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PPC-E5 Compact Panel PC


PPC-E7 Manual

Setting up a Panel PC can be a Puzzling experience. However, when purchased with an Operating System and flash disk, the PPC-E7 Compact Panel PC comes ready to run. Apply power and watch either the Linux X Windows or the Windows CE User Interface appear on the vivid color LCD. Interact with the PPC-E7 using the responsive integrated touchscreen. Everything works out of the box, allowing you to concentrate on your application, rather than building and configuring device drivers. Just Write-It and Run-It.


  • Cirrus ARM9 EP9307 200Mhz Fanless Low Power Processor 
  • MaverickCrunch Hardware Floating Point Math Coprocessor
  • Inexpensive Open-Frame Design
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet with on-board PHY
  • 3 Serial ports with handshake
  • 3 USB 2.0 (Full Speed) Host ports
  • Up to 128 MB of SDRAM
  • Up to 64 MB of Flash
  • 128K Bytes of Serial Flash
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
  • SD/MMC Flash Card Interface
  • 1 SPI port
  • 1 I2S Audio port with Line-In/Line-Out
  • Timer/Counters and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ports
  • 4 Channel 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter
  • Graphic LCD Interface with 2D acceleration
  • WVGA (800 x 480) Resolution with LED Backlight
  • Touchscreen Interface and Software Controlled Backlight On/Off & Brightness
  • JTAG for debug, including real-time trace
  • FREE Eclipse IDE with GCC & GDB development tools
  • WinCE 6.0 BSP and SDK available

Linux Features

The Linux build for the PPC-E7 is based on the OpenEmbedded Linux build system. The current kernel is Linux 2.6.20 or higher patched to support the PPC-E7.

The basic root filesystem includes:

  • X Windows (Kdrive X Server 1.4 or higher)
  • Matchbox Windows Manager
  • Busybox 1.7.2 or higher
  • Hotplugging support
  • Dropbear SSH server
  • Telnet/FTP support running under inetd
  • busybox-httpd HTTP server
  • JFFS2 filesystem with utilities
  • Mplayer
  • many other utilities
  • Optional Minimo (Mozilla/Firefox based) Brower (requires 64MB version)
  • Optional Qt graphics package

Custom Linux builds are also available on request.

PPC-E7 Linux Development

EMAC provides a Free Eclipse IDE that is pre-integrated to provide everything the user needs for developing PPC-E7 applications. All the compiling, converting and downloading inherent to development can be done from one easy to use high level interface. The distribution provides an SDK for the EMAC PPC-E7 which contains source examples and Device Drivers.

The EMAC Eclipse IDE is a powerful, yet flexible Integrated Development Environment for the PPC-E7 and even features SVN version control support. For a screen shot of EMAC's Linux Eclipse based Development Environment click here.

The PPC-E7 can use most of the EMAC's standard Linux Modules including the Php, SQLite and Lighttpd web server modules. For a listing of these module see our Embedded Linux Operating Systems Page.


Linux Development Software

  • Bootloader: Resident Flash Bootloader (Redboot)
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Programming Languages: GNU GCC C compiler GDB Debugger
  • Networking: Full resident TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Integrated Development Environment: Eclipse 3.3 or higher
  • Drivers: Serial RS232/422/485, Ethernet, USB, Hardware SPI, Audio, Video, Touchscreen, Multi-Media Card/Secure Digital (MMC/SD), A/D, PWM, and GPIO.
  • Applications: Ash shell , Telnet Server, FTP Server, Web Server, and Test Programs
  • Optional Qt



Standard Panel PC Functions

  • CPU: Embedded Cirrus EP9307 processor running at 200 MHz with Hardware Floating Point Math Engine
  • Flash: 32 MB External NOR Intel P30 Flash & 128K of utility serial Flash.
  • RAM: 32 MB 100 MHz SDRAM.
  • Video: 2D Accelerated Video Interface
  • Touchscreen: 12-Bit, 4 wire analog resistive Touchscreen
  • Flash Disk: SPI serial HCSD/MMC interface.
  • System Reset: Supervisor with external Reset Button provision.
  • RTC: Battery backed Real Time Clock/Calendar.
  • Timers: 2, general purpose 16-bit, 1 32-bit timer, & 2 16-bit PWMs.
  • Watchdog Timer: Reset-on-Timeout
  • Analog I/O: 4 channel, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC)
  • GPIO: 22 Programmable 3.3V I/O lines
  • Expansion: Provison for PCD-E12 I/O module

Serial Interfaces

  • UARTS: 2 serial RS232 serial ports with handshaking & 1 RS232/422/485 with Auto RS485
    SPI: High-Speed SPI ports with Chip Selects.
  • Audio: I2S Synchronous Serial Controller with analog interface support
  • USB: 3 USB 2.0 Full Speed Hosts


  • Display Type: 7" TFT Color LCD
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 WVGA @ 256K Colors
  • Dot pitch: 0.19mm x 0.19mm
  • Luminance: 330 (cd/m²)
  • Viewing Angle: 55°
  • Brightness: Software controlled
  • Backlight: White LED (33 LEDS)


  • Type: 4 Wire Analog Resistive
  • Resolution: Continuous
  • Controller: Built-In
  • Driver: WinCE, Linux
  • Durability: Over one million touches

Ethernet Interface

  • Ethernet MAC: Built-In
  • Ethernet PHY: Intel/Cortina LXT927ALC with software PHY shutdown control
  • Ethernet Type: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Ethernet Interface: On-Board RJ-45 connector

Solid State Disk

  • Supports: SPI serial HCSD/MMC interface up to 8+ GB Flash Disk

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Dimensions: 7.55" L x 4.15" W x 1.5" H
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs.
  • Power Supply Voltage: +12 to +26 Vdc.
  • Power Consumption: typical ~200 ma. @ 24 Vdc.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50° C (32 ~ 122° F)

PRICING (Single Unit Pricing. Includes: Integration, Setup,Testing, & Enhanced Support)


PPC-E7-0300 .. Compact PPC w/Touchscreen 64M Flash/Ram



PPC-E7-0200 .. Compact PPC w/Touchscreen 32M Flash/Ram


Operating System Options

SL013-AON-X0040 .. Embedded Linux standard ARM build

USD Free

SC600-000-0010D .. Win CE 6.0 Standard Arm Build & License



PER-PWR-00035 .. 12 v @ 2.1A Wall PS (110 V @ 60 HZ US)


PER-ENC-00031 .. BEige Aluminum Bezel


CAB-40-004 ..... DUAL USB Bracket w/ 6" cable


CAB-35-003 ..... 6' DB9 to DB9 Null Modem EXTENSION CABLE


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